String of smash-and-grabs in Smith County Friday

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Smith County investigators are trying to get to the bottom, what looks to be, an overnight string of smash-and-grab car break-ins.

The first call came in around 6:45 Friday morning, from Yasmeen Circle in the Flint area. Then for the next 3 and half hours, the calls didn't stop.

Joel Wilkinson was the first to call Police. He lives in the Yasmeen Circle neighborhood, and found the back passenger window of his truck busted out, and his gun—gone.

"Woke up, went out, glass on the ground," says Wilkinson.

As far as the gun, "I got more than one, I promise you that," he exclaimed.

Wilkinson had the window replaced first thing this morning. His neighbor, Evan Pence, wasn't as lucky.

"He called me and that's what I woke up to. The News of cars being broken into, and mine was one of them," said Pence.

Someone busted out the window of Pence's Camry, swiping his girlfriend's purse from the passenger-side floorboard.

"It's just a hassle, more so than anything," says Pence. "Windows aren't cheap."

Apparently, their neighbors to the north, clear on the other side of the county, were going through the same thing. Another half dozen phone calls came in from the Pecan Estates subdivision near Lindale.

Three cars hit at one location on CR 4140, alone. It's not known whether each of the break-ins are connected.

Wilkinson says he hopes the Sheriffs catch the people who did this, because he'd like his gun back, I'd like to use it on them, but that's me,"

If you have any information about the break-ins, please call the Smith County Sheriff's department.

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