Smith County Road Still Closed

A rain storm washed out a busy Smith County road last month and it still hasn't been fixed.  Now some of the people who live nearby want something done about it.

The blocked road is near Tyler Pounds Regional Airport on County Road 1145.  Some of the people who live there want the road rebuilt ASAP for three reasons.  First it's an inconvenience. Second, because of the inconvenience drivers are now turning around in their yards. Thirdly and most importantly people are worried emergency vehicles can't use 1145 anymore.

"You have to go all the way up to the next road back over here and go around the airport the other direction so you're looking at 4-5 minutes," says Don Ball. "But, if someone had a heart attack time is important."

But, one homeowner who lives right next door to the collapsed culvert says it would be fine with her if 1145 stayed closed.

"It is a cut-through from a lot of standpoints for anyone who lives on the farther end of 1145 to 1135," says Donna Goodwin. "How it's different now? it is quiet and there's not people going 70 miles an hour up and down the road."

Engineers with Smith County road and bridge say all fire departments, sheriff deputies, and EMS have been notified about the road being closed at 1145 so they're using alternate routes. Smith County's engineer, Tom Flowers says they're researching who owns the property to get the legal right use it.

Then, it will only take a couple of days to place the pipe in the culvert and get it back up and running.

Dana Dixon Reporting