Pritchett Fire Victims Get New home

It was June 19th that an accidental fire destroyed the Pritchett area home of Robert and Lavaughn Johnston.  They escaped with only the clothes on their backs.

They'd lived there for 33 years and suddenly they were homeless and worried. "That's human nature that I was worried. I thought about moving somewhere else but then it would have cost so much and I didn't have the money," says fire victim Robert Johnston.

For a month, they stayed with relatives and friends until the community came to the rescue. Through the organization of the Gilmer Church of Latter Day Saints, a home was bought and given to the Johnstons.

Hundreds pitched in giving clothing, furniture, even pots and pans.

Roberts wife of 56 years, Lavaughn Johnston was amazed saying, "I've got everything I've even thought about having or needing. I can't imagine and I can't express how thankful and all."

The 3 bedroom home was not only paid for, moving it to the lot was also paid for.

Every item, every dollar was anonymously donated , leaving the Johnstons to give their thanks to the good hearts of ordinary people. Bob Hallmark, reporting.