Petition started to feature ETX man on America's Most Wanted

Darla Silva. Baby Jeremy's grandmother
Darla Silva. Baby Jeremy's grandmother

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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas fugitive wanted for capital murder may be featured on America's Most Wanted, thanks to a petition started by the family of baby Jeremy Silva.

Simon Lopez is wanted in connection to the beating death of his girlfriend's one-year-old son.

Lopez was last seen by authorities attempting to wrangle a gun from a Dallas Police officer.

Baby Jeremy's grandmother captured video of her grandson about a month before his death.

"He was a happy baby. Smiled, laughed," she recalled.

Shortly after the video was made, the family celebrated baby Jeremy's first birthday. But, Darla Silva never dreamed that it would be his last.

Now, she's turned the anger she feels for her grandson's accused killer, Simon Lopez, into her source of motivation.

"He's deprived my grandson, and my son and my family of the basic, simplest joys happiness that anyone can have… That's why I am set on this petition. If he leaves Texas, then people outside of Texas need to know. They need to recognize his face they need to know what he's done and where he belongs."

Hundreds of people from all over, as far as Ontario and New Hampshire, have signed the petition. But, she says they need a lot more signatures to grab the national spotlight.

"We need America's help on catching him," Silva explained.

Authorities say Lopez is extremely dangerous. Last month in south east Dallas, Police say Lopez charged at the officers and grabbed their gun after they tried to serve him an arrest warrant.

Every day he walks free, Silva thinks about justice, "[There's] a warm bed waiting for him on death row, I don't think he deserves that bed. I don't think he deserves those three meals."

Silva spends a lot of time looking at photos of her grand baby's smiling face.

Until Lopez is caught, she says it's hard for her to smile back.

Silva expressed "That baby was defenseless. He could not talk. Jeremy could not walk. He could not talk, he could not ask for help. He couldn't tell anybody what was happening to him or how he felt."

Now, the focus is on the petition in hopes of giving baby Jeremy a voice.

This is the link to the petition to put Simon Lopez's face on America's Most Wanted.

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