One Texas-sized proposal

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Josh Thibodeaux has been thinking about asking Amy Estes to marry him. But he didn't want to get down on one knee in a restaurant or do it at a Christmas party. He wanted it to be unique and memorable.

So, we tracked Josh down and asked him.

Josh Thibodeaux and Amy Estes have been dating for two years, and Josh has decided she's the one. He wasn't positive she thought the same, so he asked her in a subtle way. His own way. He asked her with the help of Bill. Billboard, that is.

He said,"I had to work this out with Lamar Outdoor Advertising weeks in advance to get this made and posted in the right spot. And then I brought her out here. I wanted it to be just the two of us, but I had a friend hiding off in the distance to take a picture of her initial reaction. I don't know. It was just kind of an inside thing between the two of us that it be proclaimed to the whole world for everybody to see."

It's hard to miss if you're driving south on highway 155.

"Everybody knows about it. Everybody wanted to drive by and see it. Lots of people that didn't know anything about it have ended up calling because they've seen it or friends have seen it and asked is that the same Josh and Amy and everyone has seen it absolutely everyone."

Josh had to time it right. He didn't want her to see it until he was with her. So he drove her there and kept her distracted until they were standing in front of it.

Amy said," Completely shocked. Like he said I fell on top of him. I was very nervous."

Josh had a friend snap a few pictures. And, of course, Josh wouldn't be showing his face like this if she turned him down.

"Now what if she said no?" I asked.

"I'd have got up there somehow and ripped it down," He replied.

"Have random Amys started calling you?" I asked.

"Not at all, not at all," He replied.

The ring is just right for Amy. But it does seem like he could have spent a little more if he didn't pay for the Billboard.

"So you're pretty sure then," I asked.

"Oh, absolutely.  No doubt about it. There it is," He replied confidently.

They plan on keeping the sign when it comes down…they're just not sure where they will put it.

Josh and Amy plan on using the billboard as part of the decorations at their wedding at Villa di Felicita.