Rusk County Teen Charged in Foster Parent's Poisoning

A Rusk County teenager is in custody for trying to poison her foster mother with a multi-purpose stain remover over the weekend.

Investigators received a call Sunday from a woman living six miles east of Kilgore, near the community of New Hope. The woman turned over several food items and beverages that her foster child had allegedly poisoned.

Authorities believe a 13-year old staying at the residence poisoned bottles of Gatorade, slim fast, coffee mate, mustard and fruit punch with a stain remover called "Goof-Off."

The product, which contains the chemical Xylene, is fatal if consumed in large amounts, says Rusk County Lt. Ricky Alexander. Fortunately, says Alexander, the foster mother consumed very little before getting nauseous and calling authorities.

The teen has been placed in a juvenile detention center. It appears a typical teen dilemma prompted the bizarre crime.

"This was over the child being angry because she wasn't able to see her current boyfriend," says Lt. Alexander.

The 13-year old faces a charge of aggravated assault-family violence.