A Better East Texas: Tucson Shooting

The shooting tragedy in Tucson has the attention of everyone from public servants, elected officials, mental health experts and others. A lot of attention is also being given to the role media may have played, specifically some of the hate-filled outlets that beat a constant heated drum. But really when you look at the shooter, it is hard to tell if he had any kind of political affiliation.  And any affiliation or cue from someone to carry out this shooting is beside the point. This young man is mentally disturbed. This is not an issue of gun control or right-wing or left-wing blame, it is a case of someone out of control. If he did not have a gun, he could have used a baseball bat, a letter bomb or any number of weapons that could cause injury and death. It even appears that he purchased his weapon and ammo lawfully but the overriding issue is that others noticed his disturbed nature and did nothing. What a challenge to ask for help with a family member or acquaintance that is mentally ill. We have seen interview after interview that state that this guy had problems. Posts on social media website's echoed these issues. How many lives could have been saved if someone had spoken up in the name of getting the shooter some help? The blame for this tragedy rests solely with the Jared Laughner, but others could have and should have stepped up and this action may have been prevented.