Gorman wrestling continues to grow

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -  They scrap, claw, bleed and never hit the snooze.

"It's tough waking up at 5 a.m." said Bishop Gorman Senior Joseph Pongetti.  "It's just something we've got to do."

"Our closest schools are 45 minutes away," said Gorman Senior Stephan Schrink.  "We spend two hours on the bus going to meets."

It's no surprise, there were few young men lining up for the Gorman wrestling team.

"When I came here we started with a team of about six people," said Schrink.

"It was hard," said Gorman Senior James Russell.  "I was heavy for a freshman. I weighed 145, which was heavier than most of the other under classman. So I sent up with the guys that weighed 180 pounds and that wasn't too fun."

Fewer wrestlers meant fewer options in practice.  And little chance to win.

"I've always been the smallest kid in my grade, but I've always had that craziness and determination to become great," said Pongetti.

Like Pongetti, a small group of Gorman wrestlers shared the determination to make the program great.

"You just ask your friends anyone else you know," said Gorman Senior Ryan Topham.

Now they're running out of room.

"We've got as many people as we can to come in here and we've built a team out of nothing," said Pongetti.

From nothing, to really something.

The Gorman team has two top three finishes this year.  Six of the wrestlers have a great chance to medal at state, including all four seniors.

Schrink says he's proud of his teammates.

"We're all trying to bring home some hardware."

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