Want to boost your child's achievement? Moms: Learn to read!

By Annette Falconer –email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The best way to boost your children's achievements is by improving the mothers literacy skills.

A mother with higher reading skills, and enjoys reading themselves have a positive influence on their children. A study released by the National Institutes of Health published the results of what the most recent issue of Demography shows. It shows that a mothers reading skill outweighs other influences, like neighborhood and family income.

Sandra Paredes of Tyler, is learning to read her first language, Spanish, as well as English. She attends the Tyler Literacy Council, and says, "I came with knowing almost nothing when it came to reading, and now I'm one of the middle or the highest readers and I'm doing much better. I'm ready to get my GED, and I hope I get it soon." Paredes also says learning to read has impacted her children greatly. " I can read to them now, and practice with them. We study their spelling words." Paredes feels more confident as a mother now that she knows how to read.

Researchers say that mothers with higher reading scores and like to read to their children, and have children's books in the house - it all positively affect their children's reading skills. The study used data from over two thousand children from Los Angeles, ages 3 to 17.

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