Infant loses fingers to family ferret

Photo Source: CNN
Photo Source: CNN

GRAIN VALLEY, MO (CNN) - A family pet ferret chewed off an infant's fingers, leaving the child with just two thumbs and a pinky in a home in Missouri.

Police and firefighters responded to a phone call about an animal biting a baby, but when they arrived Grain valley Police Chief Aaron Ambrose said it was much worse.

"Upon further investigating, they learned that the infant's fingers had been taken off by the family's pet ferret," Ambrose said.

According to the police report, the baby was in a rocker and the parents fell asleep, one in the bedroom, the other in the same room where the attack occurred.

Sharon Cannon, the director of the Kansas City Ferret Hotline, said the news shocked her.

"I was devastated for the baby. I was devastated for the ferret. I was just, I was shocked, quite honestly. Because that is not normal ferret behavior," Cannon said.

Officials said the baby's father killed the ferret after the attack and the body is being tested for disease.

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