Longview Teen Gets Olympic Interest

On any given day, you can find 16 year old cyclist Eric Rowell attacking the hills of Longview... And the U.S. Olympic training center thinks he may have what it takes to gather a gold medal one day.

"I was accepted to the Olympic training center next week along with 9 other swimmers for triathletes and we're going up there for the week with Olympic coaches", says Rowell. Out of hundreds of athletes from the U.S. , Eric will take the trip to Colorado with only 18 other candidates.

He's also an honor student, and holds the school record for the 400 meter freestyle... But he keeps sports in perspective. "riding, swimming running, just all 3 of them are really relaxing just to get away from anything else."

He's in phenomenal condition, swimming miles in the pool each week, and pushing himself to the limit running and cycling.  Longview Athletic Director Pat Collins says he's the kind of all American kid everyone roots for.  "We're thrilled to death. I tell you when you see the good guys win it makes you feel real good particularly with what you read in the newspapers these days." Already coaches are saying there may be a gold medal in Eric's future in the 2008 or 2012 summer games.

Bob Hallmark reporting.