Tips to protect your car, pets and pipes from freezing temps

By Samantha Jordan - email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The bitter cold could cause a lot of problems around your home, but there are some measures you can take before the temperatures plummet.

Plumber Shannon Bearden says there's a spike in calls every time the temperature in East Texas takes a plunge.

"This time of year, sixty percent of the plumbing calls we have are weather related as far as pipes freezing," says Bearden.

"Leaving the water running a little bit at night kind of helps keep the water moving but insulation is the key."

But, water can freeze everywhere; like your car.

The mixture of half antifreeze and half water keeps your car safe down to sub zero temperatures

Man's best friend might not be able to take cover indoors, and it's suggested that people who have outside pets make sure the dog house is turned away from the wind. Blankets and hay will kelp to keep the animals warm.

Keep an eye on water bowls, as they will quickly turn to ice, leaving no water for your pets.

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