East Texans Hoping To Win Million Dollar Jackpot

The Texas lottery now stands at an estimated $47 million. And east Texans are rushing to buy tickets, all hoping they can be the big winners.

The Texas lottery is the biggest jackpot Wednesday night in the nation. The $47 million is too much temptation for customers.

"With $47 million it just teases me to buy some more tickets right now," says Homer Arroyo.

He's not alone. Convenience store owners and clerks say more people are buying tickets.

"With the $47 million jackpot the higher it gets the busier it gets," says convenience store clerk, Robin Hawkins.

So what would you do with an extra $47 million in your pockets? The people we asked already had the money spent.

"Take a long vacation," says Arroyo.

"Travel probably," says Mark Payne.

"I'm very generous. If I win I would definitely share the wealth," says Penny Honeycutt.

Odds are against them winning. With $47 million on the line, everyone seems to feel lucky.

"I hope I am. You can't win if you don't play. I feel lucky today," says Honeycutt.

"I think they're really as good as anybody and with a little positive thought that's the winning ticket," says Beverly Castleberry.

"I always think that but who knows? Today may be the day," says Arroyo.

The odds of you winning is one in more than 15 million.

Amy Tatum reporting.