Radio Station, Just Two Years Old, is One of Most Listened To in East Texas

Thousands of East Texans are tuning into a new spot on the dial -- with more joining in every day. Regional Mexican music 24/7 is drawing listeners to 96.7 FM, K-Oye

"Everybody's listening to them," says one listener.

"What our people really like is regional Mexican music," says program director Jessie Duron.  "The population of hispanics is growing so fast, and they need a way to communicate together."

Duron has seen the station rise to third in the Tyler-Longview radio market.

"The response is incredible. Our lines are busy. All the time, and it's incredible," Duron says.

K-Oye's been on the air just two years, spinning mainly regional Mexican music. It's different than Tejano. For Mexican American's like Myrna Garcia, it's the sound of home.

"They play a lot of music I listened to when I was little, over [in Mexico], and now these days," Garcia says. She lives in Tyler and says K-Oye has caught on.

"Everywhere I go, everybody on the streets is listening to it."

"It was my first big opportunity, and I've enjoyed every single minute of it," says DJ Maria Santillan.  She adds her job is to make a difference -- from promoting health, to talking to kids.

"We encourage them to go to school and do their homework."

Their listeners say they're part of the community now -- a community and a station, that are on the rise.

"I think our station is growing, and our station is on the right track," Duron says.

K-Oye is owned by Waller Broadcasting, which runs several other stations including KYKX and KOOI.

KOOI and urban station "The Blaze" are the only two stations rated higher than K-Oye.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.