Coldest night of the Winter Season will be tonight

By Mark Scirto, Chief Meteorologist | bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was almost 1 year ago, to the day, January 8-10, 2010, that we had temperatures this cold here in East Texas.

Lows in the teens.

That is exactly what we have forecast for Wednesday morning all across ETX.

A hard freeze warning is in effect from 9PM tonight until 9AM tomorrow morning.

The arctic air mass we have been forecasting for nearly a week now will settle over us tonight, allowing temperatures to drop into the middle teens in the morning.

Relatively light winds and clear skies will aide in the coldest temperatures of the season to settle in.

Temperatures tonight will likely range from 15 to 20 degrees.

Many of us remain below freezing this afternoon. So, you will need to make sure you have completed your preparation, or are nearly complete.

Once again…the 4 P's

* Wrap exposed PIPES

* Protect PLANTS – Cover them or bring them inside.

* Make sure PEOPLE are warm..especially those who live alone.

* PETS...make sure they are warm and have PLENTY of food. Bring them indoors/make sure they have a warm place to sleep if they have to stay outdoors.