And now it REALLY gets cold

Photo Source: MGN
Photo Source: MGN

As an Arctic Air Mass moves into the southern sections of the United States. We need to really get our thoughts away from the snow and ice, and focus on protecting what is important to us.

The coldest air of the Winter Season is moving into East Texas, beginning tonight as the front actually moves through.

Temperatures will be below freezing for many, many hours over the next 3 to 4 days. Even today, our high temperatures, in some areas, only reached the 32 degree mark.

Already we have seen nearly 24 hours of freezing or sub-freezing temperatures.

Low temperatures overnight tonight. Lower to mid 20's.

Tomorrow night/Wednesday Morning: lows will drop into the upper teens over most of ETX with a few of you into the middle teens.

On Thursday and Friday mornings:lower to middle 20s.

An estimate of hours below freezing for Tuesday: 18, For Wednesday: 18, For Thursday: 14-15 hours and for Friday: 7-8 hours.

These very, very cold temperatures should be taken seriously as Broken Pipes can be, as some of you may know, very expensive to repair…so we all should Prepare for the Cold.

Now....the 4 P's.

* Wrap exposed PIPES

* Protect PLANTS

* Make sure PEOPLE are warm..especially those who live alone.

* PETS...make sure they are warm. Bring them indoors/make sure they have a warm place to sleep if they have to stay outdoors.

By the weekend high temperatures will be back into the 50s with a slight chance of rain by Saturday night and Sunday.