"It's a big deal when the snow hits"

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - From snow angels to snowmen, East Texans didn't allow the cold weather to keep them from indulging in a snow fight or two

For one family here in Tyler snow day takes on a completely different meaning.

"It's the great equalizer everyone can have fun they all love snowball fights snowmen and they love snow ice cream so it's family day," said Elizabeth Sharkey, Tyler resident.

The Sharkey family says when the snow falls the traditions come out.

"It's a family tradition my mother made snow ice cream when I was growing up in Arkansas and similar to Tyler it's a big deal when the snow hits so the neighbor kids know that I'm going to make snow ice cream when it snows," said Elizabeth.

Along with the snow ice cream the family says it's also tradition to bring out their snowmen because it doesn't make an appearance unless its a snow day.

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