East Texans prep for winter blast

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- East Texans ready themselves for a winter blast, hitting stores in Longview looking for anything and everything to ride out the potential storm. All across Longview, people were out buying, food, water, batteries, anything they could grab, anticipating a winter blast that could make things difficult.

"They were buying a lot of bread a lot of produce a lot of lunch meat , hot dogs," says grocery store clerk Misty Wiley.

The city has sand trucks at the ready.

"Emergency operations center we are having meetings to make sure resources are in place should this weather event cause problems for our community and county, resources to take care of any road needs, traffic concerns," says Longview Fire Marshal Johnny Zachary.

Residents are urged to wrap pipes and fittings, and cover plants. And heaters and generators are flying off of local shelves.

"We've been hit pretty hard its people are actually being prepared and they know its coming, faucet covers pipe insulation and batteries, pipe wrap , duct tape," said hardware store manager Randy James.

Experts say sprinkler systems are a problem because owners can't protect the buried portion of it. Its recommended that you turn the water off and drain the system out. Many are worried that ice and snow will cause a total shutdown.

"I am very worried, getting to work tomorrow," said Wiley.

The city is as well preparing to rescue those who may need it.

"We want to make sure we can house and help people with medical problems," said Zachary.

And hope that they make it though the winter blast with no problems.

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