It's not the "aflockalypse," yet

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) – Buzzards have buzzed back into Gladewater; causing the same problems they did the last time they decided the water tower was their home.

Once upon a time back in February 2009, vultures decided the Gladewater water tower was a great place to be--like a buzzard Hilton or something.

A few months later some of them moved on, others had to be coaxed into leaving by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Gladewater City Hall employees are seeing them every morning, again, even though it's winter.

Although, during the day, they leave their home, like most of us, and go to work. Not the same kind of work as Cindy Atchley.

"They're gross. They're nasty. They remind me of death," says Atchley.

They can kill telecommunication equipment, and don't do much for the tower's paint.

Bottom line, the birds cost the city money.

The mayor says he's only seeing about 30 birds right now. Previously, there was well over 100.

So, it's not the "aflockalypse," yet.

Gladewater is open to suggestions to get rid of the birds, before any damage is done. But, shooting them requires a special permit, and loud noises only scare them off for a short time

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