A tale of two mothers

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – The mother of the alleged Christmas Eve Shooter is reaching out to the victim's family.

Her son, Gregory Polley, is charged with first degree murder in the death of15-year-old Nicole Cartwright at a Tyler car wash.

His mother, Joyce Toliver says her heart goes out to Nicole's family.

Gloria Cartwright buried her murdered daughter, Nicole, on New Year's Eve. Joyce Toliver's son, Gregory Polley, is locked up, accused of pulling the trigger. It's a tale of two mothers whose lives are forever changed.

"To Mrs. Cartwright and to her family, I just would like to say that I'm sorry for what has happened and for her loss," says Toliver.

Days before police arrested Nicole's alleged shooter, her mother was already reaching out to his family "My heart goes out to the person who shot my baby. My heart goes out to them."

Forgiveness, she says, was in her daughter's character, and what she would have wanted.

It's a comforting thought for Toliver. "My heart is a little lighter. I was burdened down, but you know I'm a parent. That's my child," she stated.

Her child, now a 26-year-old man, is accused of taking the life of a girl nearly half his age.

"I don't want them to give him life in jail, but even if so, if it was, he did not intentionally go out with a gun and shoot and kill somebody. It wasn't his intentions," Toliver remarked.

After an argument erupted, police say Adrian Blankenship told Polley to grab his gun. Toliver says she can't blame Blankenship, and that she is praying for him and his family.

Now, both mothers look to the future, and Toliver knows that like Cartwright, she too, may lose a child.

"No body wants their child to be in jail for in life or do things like that. Everybody wants their kids to be doctors and lawyers, but sometimes that's not in God's plans," explained Toliver.

"I know this can't bring Nikki back. It'll never bring her back, but it will bring closure," saysCartwright.

Polley is still in custody. Police say the case remains under investigation.

Friday morning, Joyce Toliver wrote a letter to the Cartwright family. The letter is posted below.

"To the Cartwright family: I'm truly sorry for the lost your loved one and especially the mother because I'm Gregory's mom. My prayer for your entire family is that God will give you strength during this trying time.

To all the bloggers, commenters and etc....who are we to judge? For God is the only one who has the power to do that. So, with that said how can you throw rocks and live in glass houses? All of us have made bad choices in our lives.

Do I feel that my son, Gregory, is a murderer? No, he is not a murderer. Do I feel he went out that night with intentions to kill someone? No, I don't.

I feel that he went out on Christmas Eve just like everyone else to have a good time.

Bad things happen to good people sometimes and I feel that both Nicole and Gregory was in that situation that night.

To the sister that was on the news that was unforgiving and needs answers: Pray and turn things over to God. Because if you don't forgive, God will not forgive you.

I'm hurting as a parent also, but I have a God who is able to do anything but fail, He's a forgiver and I've taught all my children that. My last comment is that I've turned the situation over to the Lord and I have no doubt He can do and He will work it all out.

Gregory, I love you and your family loves you, but God created you and knows all about you and your life is in His hands. So, trust Him and everything will be alright."

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