Stop Sleep Apnea

"Well for several years now I have had a lot of trouble snoring sleeping and resting," explains Leroy Hanks.

"It was a nightmare," says his wife Melissa.

Leroy Hanks suffers from sleep apnea. :

"I would snore extremely bad, quit breathing in between the snores. Sometimes it would be several minutes before I would start breathing again," he explains.

"I told him it was either you get something done or we're going to sleep in separate bedrooms," said Melissa.

So Leroy and his wife Melissa met with sleep specialist Dr. Raymond Perkins who got Leroy in a sleep study.

"They hooked me to a few machines put me to sleep," explains Leroy.

The machines and the special mask keep Leroy from snoring and help him breath.

"It keeps you from actually closing your airway at night. People with sleep apnea actually are suffocating at night and the mask is creating enough pressure to get air in and out of the lungs," explains Dr. Perkins.

After a few nights with the mask, Leroy says he's hooked.

"It's absolutely amazing, " Leroy say. "My wife and me don't even argue over my snoring anymore."

"I tell Dr. Perkins you've saved a marriage," explains Melissa. "It's just wonderful."

Now both of them are resting easy again.

"It's been wonderful."

Leroy says he now uses the mask every night and even takes it with him when he goes out of town because he can't sleep without it.

If you want to know more about Dr. Perkins's sleep study you can meet with him on August 7th at 7 PM at Trinity Mother Frances hospital. For more information call 903-531-5630.