Naples girl killed by school bus

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An East Texas town is dealing with a devastating loss, a four year old girl was killed after being run over by her school bus. Investigators say around 5pm Wednesday, 4 year old Patience Alderman was getting off of the bus on the 2000 block of Patterson Street in Naples, which is north of Daingerfield. Investigators say the little girl was headed to a babysitter's house.

"For whatever reason that we'll never know the little girl turned and started running back towards the bus," says Naples Police Chief Jim Grisham.

She tripped and fell headlong under the back wheels. Neighbor Samuel Barton , with two kids of his own, rushed to help.

"The driver was a little frantic , she was talking to god and shaking the girl a little bit, checked her pulse and didn't feel anything checked her breathing so I picked up her head because she was face down, there was a lot of blood. And I just held her head until paramedics and others arrived," Barton says.

For those few minutes Barton made sure Patience was not alone. Her death has shattered the small community.

"We're all completely devastated, its got the whole town shaken up, I mean we've lost one of our little kids, that's just something that's lost forever," says Grisham.

"The loss of a child it can not be measured our community is grief stricken our thoughts and prayers go out at this time to the little girl and her family," says Pewitt School Superintendent Dr. David Fitts.

"I don't exactly know how to explain the feeling that comes over you when you realize that could have been anybody. Washing my hands afterwards was the hardest thing with my two in the house," Barton says.

Counselors have been called into Pewitt schools to help her fellow students cope with her death. Authorities say the bus driver is not at fault, because she could not see her, and that no charges will be pursued.

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