Community Spotlight - C.A.R.E.

As we kick off another year of recognizing community organizations and efforts to address the needs in east Texas, the needs of the unborn rose great for this month. January twenty-third marks the date for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday across the nation. This is a day to raise awareness about the special nature of human life and what our community can do to support women facing unplanned pregnancies. Our local organizing group in east Texas – CARE – Christ Centered Abortion Recovery of East Texas is a team of men and women committed to ministering to those who have lost a child to an abortion. Team members are from all different walks of life and they are committed to being available to speak to groups and individuals on dealing with this painful, private matter. A community-wide event on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at the CrossWalk Center at Green Acres Baptist Church.  Providing a loving, healing resource for women and men who are dealing with the pain of an abortion – the CARE ministry team – KLTV's Community Spotlight for January, making this a Better East Texas.

For more information on C.A.R.E. call (903) 780-1088 or email