Local bird experts weigh in on mystery deaths

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The dead bird mystery in East Texas may be solved, but the case for the rest of the deaths isn't as easy. Early autopsies from the birds found in Arkansas show poisoning and disease did not play a part.

More birds found in Louisiana and now Kentucky are raising more questions. Theories continue to be made, ranging from hail storms to new year's fireworks.

Local bird experts have made their own assumptions. "Explosions are pretty intimidating to birds," said local veterinarian Paul Gainer. "They don't know where they're coming from they're trying to escape the noise. That's like firing off a gun in a cattle herd and a stampede occuring. You're going to have a real panic situation."

Mass animal deaths all over the world are now drawing increased attention.  Australia news says the cause behind one hundred dead birds in Sweden is being debated and hundreds of dead fish shocked vacationers after washing ashore in New Zealand.

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