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7/28/03 - Jacksonville

BBB Warning About East Texas Remodeling Contractor

Paul and Sandra Turner say Do-Right remodeling and the owner John England did them wrong.

"He came out took out half of the kitchen and then didn't come back and we have not heard from him," says Sandra Turner.

The Turners tell us it was last August when they first contacted Do-Right Remodeling to take care of a termite problem in their kitchen and remodel it.

The signed estimate and contract for the overhaul was for $6,100 dollars. Half up front.

"3050 dollars. Then he came back and he wanted money for the cabinets and that is another 2200 dollars, so that's about 5000," says Paul Turner.

But, the Turners say they never got their cabinets. Do-right did clean out their termite problem, re-placed some studs and placed plywood on the wall, but the Turners maintain they still didn't get their floor or their wall finished per the contract.

That's a familiar complaint with the Do-right Remodeling company according to the BBB.

"The most serious one was over $29,000 paid to this man to do some remodeling in the home," says Kay Robinson. "The homeowner claimed that he would come back wouldn't respond to phone calls and the work that he did was performed so poorly that is cost her $32,000 with the second contractor because he had to redo so much of what was damaged by this contractor."

Kay Robinson says Mr. England never responded to the BBB's complaints in writing. Recently she also received a call from a clothing store in Tyler.

"Some of the other complaints we had pertain to taking doors out of a business that he was going to take home and paint and never returned," says Kay Robinson.

As for the Turners, they say they dipped into their savings again to buy another set of cabinets and get them installed by another company, but their kitchen is still not remodeled.

"I'd like to get some of our money back but i don't know if that is going to happen after talking to lawyers but to prevent it from happening it to someone else would be compensation enough," says Sandra.

We talked with Mr. England with Do-right Remodeling Monday and he says he's fully complied with his contractractual agreements in these claims.

As for not answering the complaints with the BBB, he plans on meeting with them this week to get that resolved. We will let you know the outcome of that meeting to see if his unfavorable rating changes.

Dana Dixon Reporting

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