New year brings hope for new employment

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- For hundreds of East Texans, the search for work took them to Workforce Solutions of East Texas today Wednesday morning.

Trane is looking for 300 new employees to work assembly on the second shift. A major boost to the local economy.

Nicole Coker says its hard turning to your kids for financial support when the parent is suppose to be the provider.

"It's really low because I'm suppose to be the one taking care of my family and my kids and for him to say let me help you is its heart wrenching," said Nicole Coker, seeking employment with Trane.

She's coming up on a year and a half without a job and says even with all her education she's had no success in getting employed.

"We've had to ask for assistance from the state just to put food on the table...It's demeaning I've always been the type to go out and work you can find a job no matter what it is whether its flipping burgers or whatever these days and times you cant even do that even with a college degree its still difficult," said Coker.

That's why Nicole says she arrived for the job fair early that morning, in hopes of being one of the 300 new employees for Trane.

"I would be able to help support my family again, benefits, a complete stability in income," said Coker.

Despite her unfortunate situation she says you can't lose your will to persevere.

"Don't give up have faith and no matter what keep going its out there and as long as you've got that faith and hope it'll come to you," said Coker.

About 350 people attended the Trane job fair.

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