Texas Soldier loses both legs, and right hand while in service

By Annette Falconer –email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We hear of casualties of war, and how it effects the spouse, parents, and siblings. But, there is a ripple effect that goes beyond the immediate family.

One East Texas grandmother got news yesterday about her grandson, that brought tears to her eyes.

Margie O'Hern's son, Larkin II, graduated from Gorman High School here in Tyler and joined the Army.

Now his son, Larkin III, followed in his father's footsteps, joined the Army, and graduated from West point.

But yesterday, Margie got the news no one wants to get. Larkin ran into trouble while leading his group of men on a patrol.

Margie said, "There was either a house or a building that they approached, and as far as we know, Larkin kicked the door in on the house and it was loaded with explosives."

Larkin was immediately transferred to a hospital in Germany, where he will stay until he is well enough to travel stateside.

Larkin lost both of his legs, and his right hand. Larkin just married his high school sweet heart, Rachel, this last year.

Grandmother O'Hern got a new hope today, after hearing that Rachel broke through his unconsciousness.

Margie said, "Rachel called the nurse to put the phone to Larkin's ear. She talked to him, and afterwards, the nurse told her that his eyes opened."

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