Tyler Vet burglarized twice in matter of days

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – The holiday season was not so joyful for one East Texas Veterinarian. Twice in the last eight days, someone has come in to his clinic and stolen medicine and supplies.

After the first burglary, Dr. Bryan Ramsey installed surveillance cameras in his clinic.

Now, he has the alleged intruder on tape.

Dr. Ramsey already had one window covered in his clinic, now he has to do it again.

"It's this one right here. I haven't got a board up over it yet," said Ramsey.

The two boards will mark the two points of entry a person, or persons, used to break into the South Tyler Animal Clinic.

Between the two crimes, more than $3500 worth of supplies, including pet shampoo and tapeworm medicine was taken.

"It's very frustrating that he can come in and in two minutes time and cause so much damage and expense, so much disruption to our business," Ramsey says of the crimes.

"We're in the business of taking care of people's pets. Taking care of these little dogs and cats and it's very frustrating because it takes away from that job."

After the first burglary, Ramsey added surveillance cameras. He says he didn't do it out of fear, but out of determination to find the person responsible.

Just a few days later, they paid off. The camera captured the images of a man inside the clinic Sunday night.

Now Ramsey's anger has a target.

"I want to catch him. I want to catch him. I don't like anybody coming in my business and kicking a window out and walking through my business anymore than I like them coming in my living room at home. I just want the guy caught."

Ramsey says once the alleged thief is caught, he'll not only be proud that he protected his business, but he'll also be able to sleep at night.

Ramsey is offering a cash reward to anyone able to identify the person who stole from his clinic.

If you have any information, call the Tyler Police Department.

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