Body Found Near Waco is Patrick Dennehy's

(CNN) The body found near Waco on Friday is that of Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy, McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch said Sunday night.

The Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas confirmed the identification based on additional evidence found earlier Sunday, Lynch said.

Lynch would not confirm what the additional evidence was, but CNN had reported earlier Sunday that authorities searching for Dennehy recovered a human head in the same area where they found the body. That information came from a source familiar with the forensics investigation.

Lynch had previously described the body as badly decomposed. He would not describe the clothes found on the body or any evidence found in the area.

Dennehy was last seen June 12. His former teammate, Carlton Dotson, was arrested Monday in Chestertown, Maryland, and charged with killing him.

Police said the body was found in an abandoned gravel pit about five miles from the Baylor campus. Lynch said it was near an area that had been searched before.