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Elementary School Donates Farm Animals to the Needy

Released by the Tyler Independent School District:

TYLER, TX - Caldwell Elementary School fourth grade students were involved in a charitable project during the holiday season that expanded their personal world and concern for others in a unique way. Students and faculty donated more than $1,000.00 to the Heifer International Project whose goal is to help end hunger in needy parts of the world. The project began originally in the classroom of Mrs. Holly Chilek whose class's goal was to raise $500.00 to purchase one heifer for a needy family, and the excitement for the project spread to the rest of the fourth grade. Parents even reported how conversations with their children at home were sparked by this program concerning the needs of those who are less fortunate.

"With the donated funds, the fourth grade Caldwell students purchased a heifer, two goats, a pig, two flocks of ducks, two flocks of chickens and tree seedlings," said Sherrill Echols, Caldwell Elementary School Principal. "The entire campus was inspired by their efforts to make a difference in the lives of others."

The Heifer International Project works through the concept of giving animals to families as an avenue of providing ongoing food and income. A heifer or other animals are given to an impoverished family in an identified need country. Heifer International works with the family to teach them how to use this animal to change their lives. For example, through the heifer's milk production, families can sell extra milk as well as providing for their own needs. The entrepreneur, Bill Gates, has given over three million dollars to Heifer International to build chill plants to enable families to store milk from the heifers and sell it. Children in these countries have been able to go to school through this program because their family has been given, as Heifer states, a "hand up."

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