New Kilgore Rangerettes Selected

In a week long tryout, 74 young ladies from all over the country were vying for a spot on the famous Kilgore Rangerettes.  Only 40 hopefuls would be chosen.  Nervous parents waited for the news.

"She's been coming to rangerette camp since she was in 4th grade so shes been here every year and wanting to be a Rangerette since that time" said Bobby Bustin father of one of the girls trying to get a spot on the team.

In the time honored tradition the selection process was simple... Each young ladies was issued a number... A board would be revealed with the numbers of those who made the squad... ... But with happiness came the realization that some would have to try another day... ... For many it was the achievement of a dream.

New member Becci Linley said" I'm feeling really good cause this is my second time to try out so I've been on both sides of not making it and now making it so its really rewarding now." and life goes's on... With other generations hoping it will be they're turn one day.

Bob Hallmark reporting.