Petition Drive to oust Longview Council Member

Upset at their councilman, residents of one Longview area are trying to have him removed from office by starting a petition drive.

Citizens of district 6, particularly the ones who live in the Gilmer-Reel road area, are asking their neighbors to sign a petition to oust Longview city council member Gaylon Butler. Organizers of the petition are dis-satified with butler voting record, and his support for a new Wal-mart being built near residential areas, along with alleged abuses of expense reimbursements.

Petition organizers say its a way to send a clear message that they want new leadership. Butler had no comment on the petition drive.

A recall election could be forced if the petition gets over 23-hundred signatures... organizers are hoping to get over 3-thousand signatures.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.