Family and friends celebrate the life of Nicole Cartwright

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – Family and friends celebrated the life of Longview teenager Nicole Cartwright on Friday.

Early Christmas morning, 15-year-old Cartwright was hanging out with her sisters in Tyler when she was gunned down by a stray bullet.

Nicole and her two sisters were parked at a car wash next to a Tyler restaurant when someone opened fire.

Nicole was shot and killed.

Those who knew and loved Nicole tell KLTV's Jena Johnson they still can't believe she is gone.

"I mean I was kind of shocked because it actually makes you realize that you're never too young to go. Especially if you're nice. It really doesn't matter. You could be young, old and when she said that she died and the way she died that's what really gets to you," said friend Frank McCullough.

A family friend read a poem she wrote, dedicated to Nicole's mother.

Nicole died surrounded by the people she loved. The love people had for Nicole is evident, in the sanctuary where her funeral was held, it was standing room only

This day was a breaking point, the realization their young friend was really gone.

During the service, something incredible happened. Dozens of Nicole's family and friends accepted God into their hearts. Friends say that is what Nicole would have wanted

"By her dying and all the young people here, it kind of made them think," says McCullough.

Even in Nicole's 15 years, friends say she left an impression that has changed their lives forever.

Now, family and friends turn to God, in search of justice for Nicole.

McCullough tells us "it's hard to believe that she's really gone, but if you knew her, you would be crying too."

Nicole's killer is still on the loose, and there is a $1000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this case.

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