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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake


1-Pound Cake
1-Cup chopped Strawberries
Favorite ice cream
Whipped cream

1. Cut pound cake into inch cubes
2.Place the cubes along the bottom of ice bowl.
3.Add scoops of your favorite ice cream
4.Add chopped Strawberries and whipped cream
*Note:Add strawberry puree

Strawberry Puree
Mix Strawberries, sugar and water together in a food processor.

Marble Slab Ice Cream at Home

What you will need:
1-Glass cutting board
Favorite Ice Cream
Fruit or candy
Ice Cream or Waffle Cone

1.Place glass cutting board in freezer for about 30 minutes (make sure it 's good add cold)
2.Place favorite ice cream on the cutting board, smooth it out and add your favorite fruit or candy.
3.Fold it into the ice cream.
4.Place on cone

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