Family has Christmas packages stolen while at the hospital

By Annette Falconer

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A couple weeks before Christmas, Joseph McSweeney and his girlfriend Kari Cheatham got news they were heading up to Dallas because their four month old daughter, Kamryn, Had life-threatening respiratory problems. After being there a couple days, they found out it would be a couple weeks before Kamryn could come home. They spent the week before Christmas at the hospital. But just a couple days before Christmas they were allowed to go home, only to find out they had a Christmas Scrooge surprise.

McSweeney had UPS deliver three Christmas packages to their apartment. When they came home, they were gone. McSweeney said the packages were for his girlfriend and his new baby daughter. A couple of days later, they found one of the empty packages with his name on it on the grass, but there was nothing inside.

McSweeney and Cheatham had put a note on their door that told UPS and Fed-ex to deliver packages to the apartment office. They said Fed-ex has not had a problem doing so, but they are upset that UPS, despite the note, still left the package at their door step for everyone to see.

McSweeney called UPS, but they said there was nothing they could do for him. They told him the best thing would be to call the sellers. McSweeney is still waiting for the sellers' reply.

"I basically want my presents that I ordered. It's not like it's a lot of money or a lot of stuff, but you know I just want them so we can get this all over and done with and behind us so we can get back to normal," McSweeney said.

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