"It's about honoring people that do things for other people"

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX(KLTV)- Six East Texas Deputies have been honored for their service after saving a woman's life.

In November, 44-year-old, Loura Hollandsworth was driving East on Lake Placid Road in Smith County and hit a guardrail on a small bridge. That sent her car flying upside into the murky creek below.

Fortunately, the deputies were able to rescue her.

"When we saw the vehicle upside down all we could see above water was the wheels," said Daniel Leon, Smith County Deputy.

"I started screaming to see if I could hear someone I heard a faint voice and at that point I knew someone was still alive," said Kimberly Brown, Smith County Deputy.

"She was screaming she was asking for help," said Leon.

"We couldn't get the window open because it was under water so what we had to end up doing was pushing the car on its side where we were able to break a window and extract the victim," said Tobby Hughes, Smith County Deputy.

Without these six deputies, or six heroes Hollandsworth would not be here today.

The Sons of the American Revolution recognized these deputies as they awarded them for their act of heroism that night.

"I didn't do anything that God didn't allow me to do," said Brown.

"I would do it every day if I could especially to help the citizens of Smith County," said Leon.

Each deputy received a certificate and a medal to as a token of their affection.

"It's about honoring the people that do things for other people they're not selfish about their lives they would give their life everyday for other people," said Bob Davidson, Sons of the American Revolution.

"We're extremely fortunate to have other organizations and agencies come in and do this and recognize you and the sacrifices that are made, makes me feel really good that someone else would recognize you besides your own agency," said Hughes.

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