Adrenaline saved Tyler man from house fire

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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- A Tyler man is still in disbelief after escaping his burning home. The fire happened shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday in the 300 block of West Lorance Street in Tyler.

Fire officials say it appears it was electrical. The home owner, Y.T. Spencer, says his adrenaline saved his life.

"I fell asleep on the couch and then there was popping... pop! So, I woke up," said Spencer.

Spencer is still trying to grasp how he escaped his burning home. He says the flames erupted in the back part of his home and quickly spread. It even destroyed his five cars.

"The fire was so intense I was trying to come out through the front, but I forgot I had the door locked and I kept pulling on it and pulling on it," he said.

The fire was spreading fast. He says adrenaline saved his life.

"The flames were behind me," he said. "I could feel the heat and the smoke was just getting me so bad that I had to punch through the glass and jump out the top of the door and when I did I hit my head."

Spencer's neighbor, Salvador Rodriguez, says his son alerted the family that flames were just feet away from their home.

"He got out and started screaming the house is on fire! The house on fire! We got out and I started to put water on my roof because it was catching fire real fast," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez's home suffered minor damages. He says he's just thankful he has a roof to repair. Spencer has nothing left.

"I came out with the clothes on my back, but some people gave me these pants at the job there so I'm doing alright," said Spencer.

Alright for a man who just saved his life with his bare hands.

"By looking at it I just can't figure out how in the heck I got out," he said.

Spencer has been a cab driver at Tyler Taxi for 18 years. The owner says he's taking care of Spencer's expenses. He says Spencer has been an excellent employee and deserves it.

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