Firework stands must be in compliance to stay open

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With just days before New Years Eve more and more firework stands are popping up, but before they can open for business they have to be sure they're up to par .

Maria Alvarez has been opened since December 21st and in order to stay open there are certain things she has to stay on top off.

"We have to make sure that we have our fire extinguisher inside, that we don't sell to anyone under the age of sixteen, that there's no debris around the fireworks stand and we have to make sure that we keep our doors that we have at each end open so that if there is a fire we can get out," said Maria Alvarez, vendor.

Fire marshals have been making their rounds these last couple of days as firework stands get ready for New Years Eve.

According to the Asst. Fire Marshall Connie Wasson vendors are required to be in compliance with their fire ordinance book at all time, or there will be consequences

"If they are not in compliance, if they are selling illegal fireworks, if they're shooting from the stand or right close to the stand, if they do not have their permit or a fire extinguisher then we will close them down and make them close all the doors and sides and everything until they comply and then we will do a re-inspection on them," said Connie Wasson, Smith Co. Asst. Fire Marshal.

According to Alvarez rules change all the time. One new rule this year is children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to purchase fireworks without a parent. Fireworks can not be shot within 100 ft  of a stand, or a gas station and have too be 600 ft away from a church.

Alvarez says over the years she's become pretty familiar with the rules in fire ordinance book.

"I might not be able to quote it well but I can pretty much tell you on certain items what's in there and what's not," said Alvarez.

There are currently no burn bans in Smith County and fireworks cannot be sold or fired within the city limits.

Most firework stands opened for business December 20th and will stay open until January 1st.

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