Record Breaking Horse in Mount Pleasant

East Texas now has bragging rights for being home to the worlds tallest horse. Goliath, a 9 year old Percheron owned by Priefert ranch equipment company of Mount Pleasant, is 25-hundred pounds worth of horse. But it's his height, 6'5" at the shoulders that, if confirmed, would make him a record breaker.

"We really felt like he probably was the tallest in North America, we heard that when we purchased him... we weren't sure about the world", said Tracie Neal of the Priefert company.

The Percheron is the french war horse, bred to carry knights in armor.  Priefert actually owns two teams of the monstrous horses and tour them like the Clydesdales. Jeff Rash who works closely with the promotion of the percheron teams says "we own 16 draft horses and we tour them over the country about 250 days a year, Goliath actually came a member of the hitch."

A horse's height is measured in hands... a hand being about 4 inches. It's taken from the ground to the shoulders.  An area veterinarian was called in to make an official measurement. At 19-point one hands or 6-feet 5 inches, Goliath earned his name... And the measurement is being sent to Guinness book of world records to be official.

Bob Hallmark reporting.