East Texas family loses everything in fire

By Lynn Mitchell – email

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV)- Thursday morning Linda Jernigan awoke to fire at the foot of her bed.

"I know who woke me up. The Lord woke me up," said Linda. "I woke my husband and we went looking for our girls."

The girls are 8 year old Dyasia and 5 year old Shalese. The girls along with a visiting relative, had just seconds to escape the spreading flames.

"I was awakened by my wife and within 45 seconds it was like that," said Rodney Fuller, homeowner, as looked back at the burned remains of his home.

Henderson firefighters responded quickly, but could not save the structure.  Firefighters told the family that an electric space heater in the master bedroom was probably the cause of the fire.

The Fullers lost everything in the fire including their IDs that are needed to allow the Red Cross to help the family.

"My identification is all up under that soot in there, and I can't get new ones because it's the holidays," said Rodney.

The family is staying with neighbors, but the Fullers did not have fire insurance to cover the loss.

"The Lord left us with our lives, and each other, cause he could have took us," said Linda.

As Rodney Fuller stands with his girls in front of the burned shell of what was their home, he hugs his girls.

" And we're going to have a Merry Christmas. They're worried about that Christmas; but we're going to make it cause we're still here, and I can't say that enough," says Rodney.

If you want to help, you can leave donations at the "Golden Corral" in Henderson Sunday morning when it opens."

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