A Christmas Meal to Remember

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Tons of hungry people came out to the annual Salvation Army's Christmas Meal and this year family seemed to be the theme.

"My wife and I our children are grown our grandchildren are grown so this has become our family now the community," said volunteer Mike Wheeler.

That's exactly why Mike and his wife are spending their Christmas at the Salvation Army, making sure others have a warm meal to eat on this special day.

"The food was wonderful I ate one and a half plates it was so good," said Courtney Cockrum.

Five hundred volunteers came out to help feed East Texans, Cockrum says these volunteers made her Christmas.

"There were plenty of people around me who were willing to help me to give me gloves just anything, I saw that the community was really pulled together and I'm really grateful that everyone pulled together to make my Christmas wonderful," said Cockrum.

"I think it makes people think about how fortunate they are that they have things at time they may take for granted and so whenever they're able to come out and help people that are really in need and it just reminds them to be thankful," said Ben Lawrence with the Salvation Army.

Courtney says she was so touched by everyone's generosity she hopes to be in a position where she can do the same for others.

"Everybody was truly sweet everybody made me feel welcomed I really felt like I was here with my family," said Cockrum.

Lawrence says about 1,500 people received a hot meal on Christmas Day.

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