UPDATE: Unknown concerns brother after fire

Reported by Bob Hallmark email

RUSK COUNTY (KLTV) - A Christmas Eve fire in Rusk County claims a life, but it's not clear who died in the fire.

Deputies were first called to the house on CR 2141A about a disturbance; when they arrived the house was on fire.

Manuel Hale says his brothers often stayed in the mobile home. He was awakened by firefighters and could see the home burn from inside his house.

"By the time the fire department got out here, this house was done gone, practically, you can see it," said Hale.

He knows his brothers and a few friends had been at the house before the fire started. What he doesn't know is if they may have been inside as the blaze destroyed the mobile home.

"There shouldn't have been no one in there. Nobody else lived there, it was either one of them," said Hale.

It wasn't until the fire was doused that fire crews found the unidentified body.

Hale says he's tried reaching his brothers, to no avail.

A judge has ordered an autopsy to determine the victim's identity and their cause of death.

There were no obvious signs of foul play, but the investigation into this death remains open.

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