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How to get a free roof handed to you

By Annette Falconer

REDLAND, TX. (KLTV) - If you are in need of a new roof, but don't have the ability or the money to put one on...or if your insurance company denied you, help can be on the way, all because of one East Texas man. Roofing and insurance specialist, Bruce Ruckman, has thought of a new way to help East Texans in need.

Ruckman started the foundation, Jingles Shingles this year, and it all started when he woke up with a thought one night. He just kept hearing the phrase "jingle shingles" come into his mind. When just a couple days later, he heard the thought again, and knew it was from God. Since then, he feels like he is fulfilling a calling.

Jingle Shingles finds ways to help people that are in a rut with their insurance companies, or if their insurance companies just denies them.

With the help of private and corporate donations, Jingle Shingles Foundation plan to roof a thousand homes in the month of December next year.

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