Volunteers scramble to deliver Road to Hope gifts

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VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Volunteers are scrambling to get the final gifts delivered to East Texas kids in need.

The delivery was interrupted yesterday when the director of "Road to Hope" ministry was arrested. The arrest happened during an interview with KLTV's Jena Johnson

Pastor Earl Post Jr. is accused of stalking a minor. As of Thursday, Post is out of jail.

Thursday, Jena Johnson caught up with groups of volunteers delivering presents all over Van Zandt County.

Volunteers say they don't know if there are enough gifts to go around.

The Grand Saline Fire Department is also scrambling.

Johnny Stone says some children's gifts are lost.

"I got one...she come up to me last night and she said, 'Johnny, am I going to get Christmas?' And I said yea, we'll make sure of it hun. I'm sorry."

Patricia Fowler signed her children up for presents through the Road to Hope ministry. She says it was her last resort.

"My tree is sitting at home empty right now and it's hard to ask for help, but there's a time and a need and this is the time I needed the help."

Then, bags of presents emerged, some gifts forgotten.

"They still have not found my 13-year-old son's stuff. This is my two daughter's and I have two older kids that we're not even buying for."

When volunteers realized the organization was short of gifts, a room was designated for new donations.

But donations were scarce.

Volunteers pushed forward, delivering what they had left, hoping for a smile.

"I was like what are they doing here? I thought there was some type of fire going on or something but then they told me it was this and I was pretty surprised. I was happy because they're giving a bike to my brother," says Gaby Aguilar.

"I'm just thankful this is going to be there for them to open Christmas morning," Fowler stated.

Volunteers say they'll work through the night, because the kids deserve it.

"I just hope they do get a Christmas. That's all that matters to us," said volunteer delivery man, Johnny Stone.

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