Small town boasts of its one-person population

Photo Source: CNN
Photo Source: CNN

BUFORD, WY (CNN) - A town in Wyoming has one claim to fame. A population of one, that is.

When taking a drive on I-80 in Wyoming people likely keep their eyes on the road and zip right past the town of Buford.

"It's one of the oldest towns in the state of Wyoming," said Don Sammons, Buford's only resident.

Sammons moved to Buford from California in 1980, and not long ago it had a population of three.

"Originally, it was myself and my wife," Sammons said. "Then, we had our son. Then about 15 years ago, the wife passed away, and about three years ago the son grew up and moved away."

That left the town of Buford with Sammons and his store, The Buford Trading Post.

"Meetings are always fun," Sammons said. "I usually win most of those. Any discussions, I'm usually right there at the top. People are amazed they can meet the entire town in just a flash."

Sammons fills his store with pride and souvenirs.

"I've always been happy here. I still am," Sammons said.

One of the perks of being a town of one is you get to name the streets, and in Buford there is a Sammons Lane.

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