A Better East Texas: Buy American

What will your New Year's resolution be? For many, there is a change of lifestyle, breaking a bad habit or starting a new healthier one. Well, with the economy starting to show signs of life perhaps we can all do a little to help move things along. I for one am not interested in waiting on the government to fix things so this may be a good time to be reminded that we can be resolved to buy American and it will make a difference. I was reminded of this by a viewer email from Barry Hamblett recalling Ross Perot's famous quote that we would hear a sucking sound as American jobs left our country if NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed. That was back in the mid-nineties and now NAFTA is law and is part of the problem as manufacturing jobs have moved off of U-S soil but there are a number of other issues as well, including a tariff imbalance with many countries and lower corporate taxes overseas which have all magnified this issue. Buying American sometimes takes a little more effort and it may even cost a little more but it is an investment in our country that we can make starting today and it can help us consider being resolved in making a difference in 20-11 and that will make for a Better East Texas.