Tyler man gets scammed, buys a fake video camera

By Annette Falconer

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Buying an eight hundred dollar Sony video camera for almost seven hundred dollars off is quite the deal...if the camera is real.

While working at Hill Top Car Wash in Tyler, Derrick McFall was approached by two men selling Sony video cameras, or so he thought. The two men said they were selling the cameras for two hundred and fifty dollars. McFall talked them down to a hundred and fifty. Thinking he got a good deal, he found out otherwise when he opened the bag with the camera.

The video camera was wrapped in bubble wrap, and you could see a "Sony" barcode through it, pricing it at $799.00. When McFall pulled it out, he knew immediately it was a fluke. There was no screen, no viewfinder, and no working buttons. The camera the men showed McFall was real, but the one in the bag, was fake. McFall says, "when something that has $800 on it, and someone comes with you with a deal with it, who wouldn't pay $150?".

Police say that if someone falls victim to a scam like this they should file a report with their local law enforcement. Tyler Police Detective, Andy Erbaugh said, "if it seems like a very good deal, you probably are not going to get what you paid for".

McFall just doesn't want to see anyone else getting scammed, especially during the holiday season. He gives his own advice, based on his experience, "don't buy anything that's an electronic around Christmas time because the stuff their displaying isn't real, I guess they got me".

The Tyler Police Department suggest not to buy anything from someone in a parking lot. If it's a great deal, it could be stolen. You should report it to the police right away.