Authorities Investigate Dog Mauling

A 5-year old girl from Redland is still recovering from a brutal dog attack.

The attack happened Saturday on County Road 4824 in Van Zandt County.

Authorities believe Jade Demoss was mauled by three family dogs while playing in a relative's yard. Demoss was found next to a propane tank, bleeding from multiple dog bites to the head and neck. She's now listed in critical-but stable condition at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Relatives say it will be a long road to recovery.

"They've just started letting her eat on her own," says Carrie Hebert, Jade's sister-in-law. "Before they had a tube feeding her. And they still don't know about her sitting up yet."

Investigators have quarantined three dogs they believe were involved in the assault. At this time, they haven't determined if all three were actually involved in the attack.

Family members believe a wild animal may have played a role in the attack. So far, authorities have not found any evidence leading them in that direction.