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07/23/03 - Longview

Longview Short Cut is a Street of Speed

Delwood runs through a residential neighborhood between Judson Road and 4th Street. There are driveways, basketball goals, and a small park. The posted 30 mile an hour speed limit is hard to miss, but apparantly easy to ignore.

The average speed was 39. That's 9 miles per hour over the speed limit. That's enough to call this one of the worst streets of speed in East Texas.

The fine for speeding in Longview is $4 per mile over the limit. For our fastest driver of the day, that could have meant a 84 dollar fine plus court costs.  The driver of a green, four door sedan was going 51.  She said she thought the limit was 40, but admitted she was traveling much too fast.

Not every one we caught speeding wanted to stop and talk about it. Four cars decided to run a stop sign at 4th street rather than discuss the speeding on camera. If a police officer had seen them, each driver could have been given a $155 fine for failing to stop on top of the speeding fines.

If you know of a Street of Speed, we want to know about it. You can call our SOS Hotline. The number is 903-510-7720. Or go to KLTV.com and click on the SOS icon on the homepage.

Stephen Parr, reporting

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