"Mommy Thumb" cases on the rise

By Samantha Jordan - email

TYLER,TX (KLTV)-  It's known as "Mommy Thumb". It's a pain in the hands they may be linked to how mother's pick up their children. According to physicians, more and more new moms are getting "Mommy Thumb".

Yolanda Mobley is a child care provider that has been picking up children on a daily basis for ten years, but it wasn't until last year that she began to notice something in her hand.

"It's just like a throbbing pain almost as if your muscle or tendon is being pulled its like a sprain that's how it feels," said Yolanda Mobley, child care provider.

However, this so called sprain has a name, it's called De Quervains Syndrome, or Mommy Thumb.

"It's an overuse injury so the more you do a certain activity repetitively the more likely you are to get inflammation of the tendon chief and that's what mommy thumb or De Quervains Syndrome is," said Allison Tobola, MD, TMF Sports Medicine.

This pain is felt at the base of your wrist and along the forearm,  and can be provoked by a number of things.

"Any activity where the thumb is in the 'L' shape and you're doing a lot of movement like this that's going to aggravate it a lot of gripping, clenching, pinching, wringing out of clothes all those types of things repetitively can cause this problem," said Tobola.

However, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

"Some of the things you can do is being aware of your activities and modifying them, there are some recommendations to put your arms under the baby's arms and use your forearms a little more and grab their bottom so you're not doing this repetitively," said Tobola

If you feel a discomfort in your arm Dr. Tobola says you can take over the counter anti- inflammatory antibiotics or ibuprofen. You can also wear a brace to immobilize the thumb, and only in severe and rare cases surgery may be needed.

Dr. Tobola says texting on our cell phones could also contribute to the increase in cases.

Yolanda plans to have her hand looked at soon.

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